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If the name of the non-profit organization Creative Kids sounds familiar to you, it may be due to their national recognition by the Presidential Committee on the Arts and Humanities (PCAH). This incredible Southwest-based organization provides art education to children in need. Their project AIM (Arts-in-Motion), an art and digital media program for pediatric oncology patients at two large El Paso area hospitals, was personally recognized in 2013 by First Lady Michelle Obama during an awards ceremony for the PCAH at the White House. Two Creative Kids oncology patients were even able to attend the ceremony to accept the award and grant!

Andrea Gates-Ingle, who co-founded Creative Kids with her husband, Stephen, an art teacher, in 1998, was inspired by the excitement she saw in her special education students when she invited Stephen to paint a mural with the children in the classroom. Andrea says of this experience “I saw such a change and a spark in my students that we decided to take this to other populations that would benefit from the power of the arts.  From that, we started the non-profit and have been building programs ranging that serve pediatric oncology patients, kids living in shelters, migrant children, children living in rural Fabens, Texas and a program that is open to the public on Saturdays.”

From full-time employees to part-time volunteers, Andrea has dozens of hard-working individuals making an impact with Creative Kids. She shares one memorable story in particular regarding two special volunteers, saying “we lost one of our pediatric oncology patients Alex, age 6 to leukemia in 2012.  He attended our hospital art program Project AIM (Arts in Motion) at Providence Children's Hospital. To this day, his parents continue to volunteer every weekend at the gallery because they feel the spirit of Alex there. Their other son Adrian is currently enrolled in our Saturday Art program as well.” Additionally, one standout employee continues to shine at Creative Kids- lead graphic designer Oscar Carmago, who also designs the program curriculum. Andrea praises his dedication and heart (he comes in on Mondays when Creative Kids is closed to catch up and organize), and admires his ability to take on tasks in every area of the organization.

Creative Kids is truly an impactful organization that Give Garden is thrilled to support! As a Give Garden subscriber, you are able to choose your fundraising recipient when you sign up, but can change month to month to spread the love if you see multiple charities or organizations that speak to you. Consider choosing Creative Kids to help children in need learn the magic of art!

On May 2nd, 2019, Creative Kids will have their annual fundraiser called oLoteria. Creative Kids accepts art supply donations as well as monetary donations. You can follow along with the amazing impact they are making on their website,, and on social media: Instagram- @creativekidsolo. Facebook- @CreativeKidsArt.

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