Homelessness is a complex issue, but the approach Homeward Bound is taking brings about unique hope.

When an unexpected hardship hits a family, the ramifications can be life-changing. Poverty, illness, and homelessness can take their unwelcome toll on families faster than imaginable. Fortunately, there is an organization working to create pathways out of poverty so that anyone who finds themself in this situation can have the support they need to start anew. Homeward Bound, a Phoenix-based nonprofit, serves the needs of over 130 homeless families every year.

Homeward Bound not only provides housing for homeless families, but they create opportunities to help these families make a change. In addition to furnished, safe, two-bedroom apartments, Homeward Bound supplies these families with case managers to help with budgeting and goal-setting, support services such as GED tutoring, job help, and classes on parenting and self-esteem, and emergency pantries that offer food, clothing, and household necessities.

If all of these incredible services weren’t enough, the Homeward Bound campus in Downtown Phoenix offers several community youth services, such as chess club, science club, free arts programs, Girl Scouts, pet therapy, talent shows, and much more! Volunteers from Brophy High School also attend every Monday-Thursday to help tutor school-aged children for Homework Club. Additionally, the campus is currently preparing to open their Teen Center to serve the older youth in the community.

The tireless workers and volunteers of Homeward Bound are appreciated and valued by both members of the community, and members of the organization. Sherry Roueche, Community Outreach Manager, speaks highly of her team, citing Sam, Barbara, Kathy, and Carlie as standout workers who are willing to do whatever is asked of them to selflessly help better the community. Additionally, the recipients of Homeward Bound’s services are equally as grateful to the team. One recent letter from a client states: “as I exit this program, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart how much it has helped me.  This program gave me more than just a place to live, but skill I will take with me for the rest of my life, that without thinking about it I use day to day now. This program has helped me more than any other I have ever been in before.  [The workers and volunteers of Homeward Bound] are truly the nicest and most compassionate people I have ever met. It has been an honor being a part of this, thank you for guiding me to where I knew I could go. And last but not least, I want to thank my case manager.  Without her I would not have been able to do this. She never gave up on me and I truly respect and admire her. I will miss her very much and thank you for everything."

Your donations, whether monetary or voluntary, make a huge difference with organizations like Homeward Bound! If you are interested in using your talents or gifts to help support them, please visit https://homewardboundaz.org/volunteer/



Homeward Bound is truly an impactful organization that Give Garden is thrilled to support! As a Give Garden subscriber, you are able to choose your fundraising recipient when you sign up, but can change month to month to spread the love if you see multiple charities or organizations that speak to you. Consider choosing Homeward Bound to help support families struggling with homelessness!

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