About The Garden

Give Garden was developed by a Registered Dietitian.  She grew up as a competitive athlete and did her share of fundraising to support her teams over the years.  Now, as a mother, she wanted to find a way to support the community with an innovative fundraising program that parents could be proud of.  Supporting our schools, local and national charities, churches, youth athletics, clubs and groups is key, but doing so by selling candy bars and treats is sending mixed signals to our youth. 

Give Garden supports the community by offering a hand-delivered activity to the doorstep of families that teaches children how fun cooking can be.  The activity promotes memories, family bonding, creativity, and healthy habits.  It allows stay-at-home parents, working-parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, and siblings alike to look forward to a project they can engage in that is designed to be completed with ease.