Our Philosophy

To delve into Give Garden's philosophy, let's first take a peek at our Mission Statement:
"Give Garden's mission is to engage children creatively and enhance bonding in the communities they live in through innovative fundraising opportunities that encourage healthy habits, teach while they entertain, bring households together around the kitchen table, and promote financial stability to youth-based organizations." 

We accomplish this mission by first looking at life from the eyes of a child, then the heart of a parent, then the circulatory system of the communities they live in.  Each have different needs, but all benefit from being taught ways to keep the mind and body healthy, to have meaningful and loving relationships with family and friends, and to have access to programs that support their needs and interests such as arts, sports, academic clubs, and youth-groups, to name just a few.

We accomplish this mission next by creating, then delivering food-based activities to the doorsteps of families that encourages healthy eating, creativity, and family bonding-time.  Activities are cost effective and child-friendly.  They reduce preparation time on adults by including the food needed for each recipe so they can focus on bonding with the children.  Children are excited when their package arrives on their doorstep each month.  Recipes inside are packed with flavor and colorful produce.  Families cherish the memories they build by completing the activity together.

Finally, we accomplish this mission by taking a percentage of each activity sale and giving it back to the community organization of the family's choosing in our database.  This allows families to support anything from their local church group, to their daughters soccer team, to their grandson's chess club, to their local schools PTO, to a pediatric cancer foundation, just to name a few.  We have the ability to pump thousands of dollars back into the community and do so without compromising our health like other popular candy or cookie-based fundraisers. 

Delivering goodness never tasted so good!